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"...whatever good the ideas of "objectivity" and "transcendence" have done for our culture can be attained equally well by the idea of a community which strives after both intersubjective agreement and novelty -a democratic, progressive, pluralist community of the sort which Dewey dreamt. If one reinterprets objectivity as intersubjectivity, or as solidarity, (...), then one will drop the question of how to get in touch with"mind-independent and language-independent reality". One will replace it with questions like"what are the limits of our community?Are our encounters sufficiently free and open? Has what we have recently gained in solidarity cost us our ability to listen to outsiders who are suffering? To outsiders who have new ideas?". These are political questions rather than metaphysical or epistemological questions. Dewey seems to me to have given us the right lead when he viewed pragmatism not as grounding, but as clearing the ground for, democratic politics.
If you give up on the project of escaping from "human peculiarities and perspectives", then the important question will be about what sort of human being you want to become. If you accept the distinction between the public and the private realms, (...), then this question will divide into two sub-questions. The first is: with what communities should you identify, of which should you think of yourself as a member? The second is (to adapt Whitehead's definition of religion): what should I do with my aloneness? The first is a question about your obligations to other human beings. The second is about your obligation to, in Nietzsche's words, become who you are."PP1,Int,p.13


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