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Carinhos e lágrimas sobre o corpo da Gisberta

“Bodies still must be apprehended as given over. Part of understanding the oppression of lives is precisely to understand that there is no way to argue away this condition of a primary vulnerability, of being given over to the touch of the other, even if, or precisely when, there is no other there, and no support for our lives. To counter oppression requires that one understand that lives are supported and maintained differentially, that there are radically different ways in which human physical vulnerability is distributed across the globe. Certain lives will be highly protected, and the abrogation of their claims to sanctity will be sufficient to mobilize the forces of war. And other lives will not find such fast and furious support and will not even qualify as “grievable”.”(p. 24) [sobre o comum entre os diversos movimentos trans, intersexo, queer e o feminismo: “(…) phobic violence against bodies is part of what joins antihomophobic, antiracist, feminist, trans, and intersex activism.”, p. 9]
Undoing Gender, Butler


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